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2024 Programs will start the week of June 17th

Check out the MATCHi Activities tab to explore and book. (NOTE: You must have a 2024 Membership and an active MATCHi account to participate)

The APA Board is very excited to announce that some of our summer programs will be taking place at Aforza this year!  In an effort to free-up more evening court times at AE Cross, we have been able to secure some courts at Aforza through to late-August.  We’re very appreciative of Aforza’s generosity and willingness to partner with the AE Cross membership for these programs – we trust members will see the benefits to this collaboration with more court availability and increased access to organized sessions.

Program Schedule - (Times and booking on Matchi app under Activities)

Monday  -           AE CROSS -   Open Level - Invite Only

Tuesday  -          AFORZA -       B/C Level Skills and Drills and Organized Play (2 Sessions)

Thursday-          AE CROSS -   A Level - Organized Play

Thursday-          AFORZA -       B Level - Skills and Drills and Organized Play (2 Sessions)

Saturday -          AE CROSS -   D Level - Skills and Drills and Organized Play

Saturday -         AE CROSS -    Juniors - Skills and Drills and Organized Play

The APA Board has made a decision to move away from the Seasonal charge of $65 for Programs in favour of a cost per use model that will be more fair. 

Programs will have a cost of $10 per session and are paid for through the Matchi App at time of booking.

Additionally, the APA programs at Aforza are open to non-Aforza members at no additional cost - the $10 fee is the total cost. 

Members can book using Matchi 6 DAYS in advance of the program.

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