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APA Code of Conduct

The APA / PAC Code of Conduct is enforced in order to ensure that all padel events and activities of PAC member participants remain enjoyable for all participants, officials and spectators.


It is recognized that most issues/concerns which arise will be adequately dealt with by the organizers of the event and/ or the members present, including but not limited to tournaments, leagues, clinics, meetings or socials.


A participant or official may be ejected or disqualified from an event or membership may be revoked on the following grounds:


  • non-compliance with and/or deliberate disregard of the rules and regulations as put in place from time to time or adopted by APA/PAC relating to participant safety or equipment;

  • verbally or physically abusing an APA/PAC member, opponent, the Umpire, Officials, spectators or the sponsors;

  • showing dissent to the Umpire or Officials, including foul language and obscene or offensive gestures;

  • abusing padel(s), balls, other equipment, the court or any part of the facility;

  • failing to comply with the conditions of entry of an event including any rules with regard to clothing or advertising;

  • having registered for an event or accepted an invitation to participate, withdrawing from the event or failing to attend, without a valid reason;

  • failing to complete a match, without a valid reason;

  • defaulting from an event (note – the event organizer or APA / PAC Director may require evidence or proof of an “bona fide” injury, illness or other emergency situation);

  • any other unreasonable conduct which brings the game into disrepute, including but not limited to; abusive use of alcohol, non-medical drugs, use of alcohol by minors.

  • We will not tolerate any bullying of any type.  APA / PAC events are intended to foster a bully free environment.

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