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Doubles match of padel tennis being played on an outdoor court in Calgary, Alberta

Padel Alberta 

Alberta Padel Association is a not for profit association established in 2010.

Mission and Vision Statement

We are dedicated to growing and supporting the sport of padel throughout Alberta. It is our vision that padel would become a common and popular year round racquet sport in our province.   To this end, we will pursue the development of players, programs, coaches and facilities in Alberta. 

Board of Directors 2023

As a non-profit association, our Board of Directors is made up
entirely of volunteers who are passionate about the sport of


New volunteers are always welcome!

President - Nancy Malone

Vice President - Zeke Quian

Treasurer - Anne Christopoulos

Secretary - Tyler Charkie

Director - Chris Bianchi

Director - Fabian Asin

Director - Mark Hartley

Director - Bill Aitken

Important Links

Padel Canada (PAC)

APA Code of Conduct

APA Bylaws


About Us

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